Mediate with Landlords to get Reasonable Rent Increases for Pensioners

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I live at the Serpentine Park Home and Tourist Village in Serpentine, WA. Over the last 10 years we’ve lived here our rent has increased by almost 6% each year. Earlier this year we were informed that again the rent was going to increase by almost 6%. Normally I sit around and accept things like this as you can’t do anything about it. This time I got upset as the majority of the residents within the village are pensioners and have to rely on the pension. As single pensioners get less than couples, they pay the same rent. We own our Park Homes and rent the land from our landlords; which are Constantino Spagnolo, Maxine Spagnolo, Marc Spagnolo, and Lara (nee Spagnolo) Lozzi.

We formed a residents’ group that lobbied against the rent increase. We’ve had up to 100 residents attend meetings to form how we can get a reasonable rate increase since CPI is only 0.9%. We first started by withholding the rent increase by paying last years rent with a narrative saying “without prejudice”. This resulted in over 35 Notice of Termination signed by Constantino Spagnolo, which required us to vacate in 7 days. Our Park Homes can be moved but it takes two semi-trailers to get loaded and then to be moved to another park home village. The cost of this is anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000.

After several weeks we wrote to Con stating that we will pay the increase, but we’d like to meet with him to discuss the rent increase and workout a more reasonable way of increasing the rent. Unfortunately, the landlords used their normal way of communicating with the residents. No response to the letter and no response to meeting.

There are a number of our residents that are falling ill because of this, but all the landlords say is “if you don’t like it, move”. That is the kind of respect we receive from these millionaires. Money, money money……

We need signatures so the politicians will take notice and change the Act before them. Currently the Act says they can raise the rent by up to 6%. They do not give an explanation why. This must be changed. Cons wife, Maxine, is asked why the large increase and she says "because I can".

One other large issue is that if a person dies, the rent must still be paid. We've had deceased estates for over 18 months, as Con only wants to sell the homes he owns, these are left vacant.

We need every ones support for the politicians to review the ACT.