Help Us Get a Mental Health Professional at Conserve School

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At Conserve School, it is difficult to handle the challenges that come with this intense and profound experience. Our mission is for Conserve School to hire a mental health professional in order to ensure the well being of its students.  

Without proper mental health training, advisors and teaching fellows are unequipped to care for the students. The staff plays an integral role in both the academic and social lives of the students. This interwoven position prevents confidentiality and enables bias when students look to the staff for support regarding private issues. As a result, unnecessary pressure is placed on the students who are forced to rely on each other because they do not feel comfortable seeking staff assistance.

Currently the advisory program in place is not able to meet the needs of the students. With a mental health professional, students would feel comfortable seeking the support they need from a neutral party while knowing that what they share will remain confidential. The advisors here play many vital roles already, and it is unreasonable to ask them to also perform the work of a trained professional. A professional would be able to fully devote their time and expertise to supporting the students. The students of CS16 request that you sign this petition in support of fulfilling the need of a confidential, professional, third-party advocate.

CONSERVE ALUMNI: Please consider commenting your semester and/or sharing your story to show solidarity in Conserve School students. Thank you!