Save Ontario Youth Hockey and Kids Mental and Physical Health

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The Ontario Conservative Government under Doug Ford, continues to treat 38,000 square foot areas, gyms and playing fields as if they were restaurants. Limiting the number of children on the ice to 10 (including coaches). While 25 children are allowed in a 1000 sq ft classroom for 6 hours a day, 17 kids are not allowed in a 38,000 square foot arena for 2-4 hours a week. 

As we fight this pandemic, the mental and physical well being of our children should be the first priority. Youth sports provides our children an escape from the mental stress of the current situation, keeps them physically fit and allows them to socialize safely with friends. In team sports in large arenas it is also, currently the safest ratio possible. 

Finally the Government restrictions target the lower income and visible minorities disproportionately. Higher income families continue to pay for private ice while those who need youth sports the most suffer.  

This government does not seem able to define a strategy that is directed at supporting our youth and those most at need, instead just blanket decisions. A bar is not an arena.

Join us in asking for a separate COVID strategy for Youth Hockey and sports.