Canadians call on Andrew Scheer to free the Bernier book!

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Canadians Call on Andrew Scheer to free the Bernier book!

Canadians want to learn about Maxime Bernier’s leadership experience. We were disturbed when we learned that Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party Leader, decided to censor his former opponent. What is in the book that the Conservatives don’t want to reveal? What secrets are they hiding? Why the cover up?

Political books, throughout history, have offered informative insight into the political process where current and former politicians publicly share their experiences, reflect on themselves, their actions, and their opinions. It is common that such books offer controversial views and/or teachable moments, but it is unheard of to see a book being censored by a Party Leader.

According to a Toronto Star article Andrew Scheer won the leadership by recruiting “fake” conservatives. We want to know who are those fake conservatives?

One of Andrew Scheer’s most prominent leadership campaign promises is his support for freedom of speech. How does Mr. Scheer reconcile his support for freedom of speech by denying Mr. Bernier the right to freedom of speech?

The Bernier book is an important narrative for all Canadians to learn what goes on behind the curtains of the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Canadians, including REAL conservatives, who support freedom of speech and ethical political practices want to read the Bernier Book.

Canadians want to hear from Bernier. Free the book and let him speak!

We call upon the Conservative Party to lift the ban on the Maxime Bernier book!

We call upon Maxime Bernier to stand up to his right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression!

Please sign and share this petition to protect our right to freedom of speech and our desire to hear from Bernier!

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