Condemning PC Party on Gaza

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In the name of the defender of the innocents

Mr Scheer, what you have said on May 22, 2018 during question period shows clearly how blind faith, ignorance and denial of the truth will seal your heart and understanding.

Your ignorance of Palestinian history is stunning and your argument a giant slap in the face to truth.

We are the people who signed this petition condemn the undesirables Canadian PC Party for its bias position on Gaza and condemn its leader the Andrew Scheer for denying that the Palestinians are terrorized in their own land

Andrew Scheer be DAMNED for blaming the victims and trying to make Israel 'brand' smell sweeter. The reason it stinks, of course, is the regime's putrid morals and murderous conduct, which the lie machine works overtime to try to justify and excuse. It will always fail. You cannot build a decent brand image on lies, obnoxious behaviour and a massive attitude problem. 

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