Petition Against Proposed Chicken Peri-Peri Establishment - Oxford Road and Zinzan Street

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We  oppose the planning application for the conversion of the former Ladbroke’s betting shop at 109B Oxford Road to a Peri-Peri Chicken outlet, for the following reasons:

1.     Excessive provision of fast food /takeaway outlets in the immediate area:
There are already 5 fast-food/take away outlets within 100 metres of this site and there is already an existing Peri-Peri chicken restaurant roughly 200m eastward along the Oxford Road (opposite Cheapside).

2.     Adverse effects of increased fast food outlets on the neighbourhood area:
a) As residents living along the Oxford Road and in adjoining side streets, we are concerned at the amount of litter which results from the operation of fast food outlets when patrons eat their food while walking away from the outlet and then, when they have finished eating, the packaging and any uneaten contents is not properly disposed of and is dropped along our streets.

b) The existing fast food outlets tend to attract noisy groups and individuals known to cause Anti - Social Behaviour (ASB) in our area. These groups that are frequently not from our community hang about on the Oxford Road and wander our residential side streets: their presence and raised voices causing disturbance to residents and their families during the day and late into the evening. The suggested hours of business and the proposal seem to cater to these individuals much more so than they do to the residents that call the area home. The proposed establishment lies in an area that was dubbed the “Bermuda Triangle” of crime and ASB in our area in a specially convened Council meeting last year grappling with local issues. The crime and related ASB has been very detrimental to our neighbourhood and Conservation Area for a sustained period of time, well-documented at Oxford Road NAG meetings and  BSANA meetings by residents.  We therefore, protest the extended hours of operation and the layout of the site with a primary focus on “take-away” fast food. We do not see how the proposal is to benefit this neighbourhood significantly, and indeed is catering to the problem itself and at best merely trading an “old problem” for a “new one.”

3.     Adverse effect of the proposed development on the Conservation Area:
The proposed establishment lies at a prominent and highly visible corner of the Oxford Road on the corner of Zinzan Street within the Russell Street-Castle Hill Conservation Area. The majority of the site has a long run along the residential area of Zinzan Street.  According to the Council’s planning policy CS18 (which applies to Conservation Areas) planning permission will only be granted “where development has no adverse impact on historic assets and their settings” and all development proposals… ”will be expected to protect and, where appropriate, enhance the character of the area in which they are situated.” We do not see that the current proposed design is enhancing the area or the residential street that it largely will affect.
The exterior design and colouring, as applied for in the planning application, would have an adverse impact on the site itself and the Conservation Area (particularly as regards the Zinzan Street elevation). Therefore, we urge that the existing exterior design be refused, and that the developer be invited to submit revised exterior proposals to reduce harm and to enhance the character of the development and the area. We further urge that if the site is to actually be a family- friendly restaurant with “ancillary take-away” that the interior design is focused on such and not focused on a counter- take-away as it is proposed.


4.     Lack of willingness to engage with the local Neighbourhood Community:
Finally, we resent the assumption as laid out in the planning application that our community “requires such an establishment” when there was, as we know it, no consultation of the community to understand what we do in fact “require.”  The developer was approached repeatedly through their agent numerous times and chose not to engage with our BSANA community representative. The developer needs to remember that he is developing within a Conservation Area neighbourhood and their proposal, as we understand it, is not considering our neighbourhood community at all. We oppose the lack of enhancement to the Conservation Area and the lack of regard for the community that calls this area home, in providing nothing that will improve the situation at an intersection that has a history of exacting local problems on our area, its residents and our community. 

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