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My children returned into my custody so we can be a family together!

I would like to share my story and this letter I wrote to the social worker and DCFS. My story is one among thousands of parents who have expected a helping hand through their family issues but instead entered the worst treatment they had ever experienced. I admit that most of the time families can use a helping hand to better their lives and coming out of my twenties I have made mistakes. A willingness to comply with DCFS to address those issues for many still resulted in the parents never getting their children returned home. I personal have been ignored by the DCFS for my efforts and completions. The DCFS has made extreme effort in my opinion to condemn me not only as a mother but human being. I feel DCFS has used retaliation tactics by the unjustified prolonged detention of my children.I feel DCFS social worker has abused the authority given to her as a staff at DCFS. While at the same time making sure that the 5 different hospital admissions be minimized as small accidents. I have wanted communication but instead got a silent war with my innocent babies in the middle. I can not stress enough that no parents child are leverage to gain victory,but the child is the very reasons to try to have open communication that may lead to understanding from both parties. That is the start of caring for the child. Parents not getting their Children returned is not a victory for the DCFS but is a lost of remembrance for what the job title DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES means. My letter is as followed..
My twin daughters Raymiana Rondan an Alina Rondan 16mo. of age are in custody of the
Department of Children and Family Services. During this time I have hired a private attorney,
completed a 6 month class to get them back in my custody. My daughters were placed in Foster
Family Agency. During that time my daughter Raymiana Rondan was taken to a hospital by a
caretaker on 9/08/10 at that time for reasons that have been withheld from me she was seen by
the doctor and both daughters were detained into custody to a shelter until the next day when
the social worker Mrs. Kim was notified. I was told of the incident the third day but, I was told
the bruising was birth marks and the doctor was rude. That in my next court date I would get
a report. This had been their 6th placement. In the 8th placement I recommended a family
friend but on 2/14/11 my other daughter Alina Rondan came to a visit with a black eye. I was
very concerned not that the caretaker had intent on the incident, I felt like she had been
careless because of being over worked. I asked her if she could not watch over them because of
her work then please inform the social worker, she declined. Then I asked for a investigation
about the black eye. then both of my daughters came to me with a diaper rash that removed
skin. At that point I informed the social worker and the caretaker that the move did not seem to
be working. The caretaker got offended and my daughters were dropped off at the office with
the social worker. A trial was set for 3/09/11 where several witness came to testify about the
bruises and different incidents they had witnessed also for the Judge to see I had completed my
classes. The end of the day came and nobody was called into the Court. I was just given
another case plan with detail their was a new Judge and that I was to start everything from the
beginning if I wanted my daughters home maybe in another 6 months. My daughters were
then placed back in Foster Family Agency where the first incident had occurred. I expressed a
major concern to that given I had not been given any information on exactly what happened
prior but, the worker insisted that I was a negative by my constant concern and would not be
given any information on the caretaker. The name, cell number, and address would be
confidential but, my daughters would still be placed in the Agency once again regardless of my
concerns. In May of 2011 I was suppose to have visitation as usual but this month I was given
many excuse to why I could only see Raymiana Rondan. Alina was not present, I was told by
social worker Mrs. Kim that she had a meeting and could not transport. Only later to find out
that was the day my daughter had been injured. The next two days I was told by Mrs. Kim and
Jennifer(the case worker for my daughters at FFA) that there had been a minor injury that
needed over the counter medicine. I saw my daughter Alina Rondan on 5/23/11 and I saw a
deformed finger that was partly amputated (I have discharge paperwork that states that fact)it
was also no finger nail. Then a couple days later Alina came to a visit with a full length arm
cast, the worker informed me that another doctors opinion noticed that the finger was in fact
fractured a couple places. I was told by investigators and by the social worker Mrs. Kim that I
was not entitled to the report. I was then told the same by FFA worker Jennifer. Then on July
18th I got a visit and Raymiana came with a black eye that was swollen and was nearly closed.
The worker informed me at FFA Jennifer informed myself, the monitor, Mrs. Kim and, Mrs.
Kim supervisor that the caretaker informed her that morning my daughter fell and blackened
her own eye. I got no concerning response from my attorney either which left me very confused
and hurt. So I felt I had to wait until the next court date, I was a frightened because I saw I
had a lot of people not on my side about the safety of my daughters. I didn't want that I was
asking for answers from the Agencies that had custody of my daughters prevent me from
getting them back. I was instructed by my attorney to wait until the Court hearing but he had
not told me he would get answers on the incident. At the Court date I brought all evidence that
I had been in compliance but my attorney only informed me that I was set for a 366 hearing
and I was not going to get my daughters returned. Instead I received a hearing for parental
termination based on that my social worker now said she found out a week prior that the test
were not sufficient for the Department but I am now again on my second completion and in
compliance with six court orders. I have pictures that most people can not bear to see because
of the horrible way that my daughters are bruised and deformed. I have to show them and look
at the pictures of all those incidents because I need them to be safe home with me and I have
been asking so many people for advice. Mrs. Kim has many times made matters worst for me
instead of supporting me with Family Reunification Service. Mrs. Kim has even went up to the
jail where my husband is being kept to inform him I was getting rides to my visitation by
another man. I was discharged from my first program while in after care because Mrs. Kim
insisted that I was bi-polar. I paid for transcript that clearly stated the Judge saying I wasn't
ordered to mental health. I was discharged because of her harassment to the program. I have
been in compliance for 16 months but always at the end when I am close to showing the Courts
my progress Mrs. Kim tells me she just found out that part of my program she doesn't accept or
she will put in the report that she wanted me to do things that she hadn't told me until 1 week
before the Court date. I feel in my heart Mrs. Kim is doing these things because she is holding
a personal issue with me about me questioning the incidents with my daughters. I believe she
acts on fear for her job more then the safety or my Reunification with my children. I had no
intention but now I am worried if I leave these matter alone and just in the hands of your
Department with Mrs. Kim over seeing, I feel my children will not be taken care of without
further injury. I can not just stand by and while Mrs. Kim attempts to remove me permanently
from my children's life. I have been convinced by the events that have taken place thus far that
my children are not and have not been safe in the Departments custody or with Mrs. Kim as
their worker. I would like a grievance hearing along with a written recorded complaint. I hope
to have this resolved and my children home. So that I do not out of fear for my children have
to get many people involved for my children to be safe. I am open right now for prompt
resolution in this matter. thank you for
your time.

Angelina Rondan

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