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Include EMS personnel to CT Senate Bill 164

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This bill is great for Police and Fire yet infuriating at the same time for EMS. To think that this bill was originally WRITTEN TO INCLUDE EMS providers however The Association of Connecticut Ambulance Providers (ACAP) opposed it. Why would “leaders” in our own profession want to deny mental health services to those in need?!?!?!

We need to stand together as EMS providers and ensure we are no longer put on the back burner. We have to make sure we are taking care of one another. This bill would have been a fantastic way for fellow EMS brothers/sisters to get help they need. Instead its an opportunity that has been opposed and stripped from us by leaders in our profession.  

Please sign this petition to show the Connecticut legislators that we believe EMS personnel need to be included in CT Senate Bill 164!!  Don’t let 5 Commercial ambulance services speak for all of us. EMS is exposed to the same situations that police and fire fighters are, often more frequently.  Let’s band together and get our brothers/sisters the support they need by including EMS on this bill. EVERY SINGLE QUALIFYING EVENT, EMS WILL BE CALLED TO THAT SCENE TO CARE FOR THE PATIENT.

I also urge you to contact your local senator/representative. Tell them EMS personnel need the same benefits and care that police and fire fighters get. PLEASE SHARE TO GET THE WORD OUT. THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO GET WHAT WE NEED IS TO SPEAK OUT.

Here is some background information:

ACAP is made up of Aetna, ASM, Hunters, Campion, and American Ambulance services. Since they dont have a website/facebook it took some digging, but I found a letter with the members of ACAP on the letter head (link below).

In their opposition ACAP stated “We request the language be added to exempt emergency medical technicians, advanced medical technicians, paramedics and ambulance drivers, who respond during the course of their duties to the aftermath of such violent acts.” Since when do these 5 COMMERCIAL services speak for all CT Ambulance providers? 

Below I have included some links/info so you can see the original bill proposal with EMS included and the opposition from ACAP.

Details of 2019 Senate Bill 164:

Proposed Bill in 2015:

ACAP’s Opposition in 2015(bottom of the document):

All Details of 2015 Bill:


2018 ACAP letter head:,%20David,%20Association%20of%20Connecticut%20Ambulance%20Providers-TMY.PDF

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