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Connecticut State Senate and Governor: Pass the TRUST Act!

Last year July, an innocent man was arrested. Jose Maria Islas was somewhere else at the time of the crime, the charges were dropped, and his record cleared – but he was an undocumented resident, so he was detained anyways.
The Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) Act is an immigration reform bill sponsored by Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield that protects undocumented innocents from being deported by local police if they haven't committed a serious crime.

Every day until the TRUST Act passes, undocumented innocents like Jose Islas risk deportation and avoid the police. Every day until it passes, our streets are more dangerous because of unreported crimes and uncooperative witnesses. Every day, these communities are living in fear.

We have waited too long for real change, for reasonable immigration policy, for safer neighborhoods. Sign this petition today to show that Arizona-style laws that punish innocent people are not the solution we have been waiting for.

On Wednesday, the Connecticut House passed the TRUST Act unanimously! Now we need to get it through the Senate and onto the Governor's desk.

Sign today for a change. United we can make a difference. United we can take a stand.


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