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Protect Our Powerlines

Connecticut residents pay the highest energy rates in the country. In the past six months they have also lost power on at least three separate occasions for extended periods of time. In a forested region like Connecticut, it does not make sense for the majority of power lines to be above ground where they are easily and regularly damaged.  These damages lead to power loss and financial loss for the homes and business they serve.  

This petition was delivered to:
  • C L & P Customer Relations
    Tracy A. Kelsey
  • Connecticut Light and Power CEO
    Jeffrey D. Butler
  • C L & P Vice President - Energy Delivery Services
    Kenneth B. Bowes
  • C L & P Vice President - Customer Solutions
    William J. Quinlan
  • C L & P Economic and Community Development Contact
    John O'Toole
  • C L & P Economic and Community Development Contact
    Thomas Marano

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