STOP Racial Profiling in CT K12 Schools

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Thank you all for your support to urge CT legislative Education Committee to have a public hearing regarding a few proposed bills this year around Stop Racial Profiling in CT K-12 Schools. We will submit this petition to the committee on Wednesday, Feb 20th. As a matter of fact, CT Education Committee granted a public hearing on a bill aimed at prohibiting public school to register school children by sub-group ethnicity or ancestry nation of origin. The public hearing is on Friday, Feb 22nd, at 11am, at room 2E, legislative office building, 300 capitol ave, Hartford. Lets work together! The diverse backgrounds we came from should be united by a common goal, purpose and hope for our next generation, which had always been the most unique strength of this great country.

CT Parents Union / Pan-Asian-American Alliance of Connecticut
2 years ago