Citizen's Asking the Middletown Connecticut Board of Education for Due Process

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Citizen's Asking the Middletown Connecticut Board of Education for Due Process

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Citizen's Asking the Middletown Connecticut Board of Education for Due Process!

Dear Middletown Connecticut Board of Education Elected members,

We, parent's of Middletown Public School children along with our fellow concerned citizens are asking for due process in addressing the allegations of workplace sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, intimidation, and corruption made by Middletown labor Unions. These allegations by past and present employees of Middletown Public Schools were first brought to the public's attention by four of Middletown's education labor Unions encompassing over 1,000 employees - Middletown Federation of Paraprofessionals, MIddletown Federation of Teachers' AFT Local 3161, AFSCME Local 466, and UPSEU Local 6457, and at the community Common Council meeting on October 14, 2021. 

At subsequent special meetings, the Board of Education has yet to act on the recommendations of City Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Faith Jackson's Fact Finding Investigation memo dated Oct 6, 2021 sent to the Board suggesting all individuals named in the memo be placed on paid leave pending an independent investigation. Please see the linked  public document above.

By Signing this petition I, as a citizen, ask you as a Board to do the following to ensure due process for the accused, the victims, and the students:

1.) Contact the State of Connecticut Board of Education and the State of Connecticut Justice Department to lead an independent investigation rather than a private law firm chosen by the elected Middletown Board of Education body. 

2.) Guarantee whistleblower protection for those who come forward as victims, witnesses, or person's providing information etc. during such an investigation.

3.) Respectfully ask that the sitting Board of Education Chairwoman Deborah V. Cain, resign as liaison to the investigators so that the process can be entirely transparent and avoid any guise of a conflict of interest. Contract the services of an independent professional arbitrator to act as liaison.

4.)  Agree to the investigation of the elected body of the Middletown Board of Education as well to ensure due process and restore public trust.

5.) Acknowledge some parents feel they or their student(s) have been mistreated by the Board of Education elected body and some BOE Administrators. Allow and advocate for parents wishing to be permitted to discuss experiences they feel relevant with investigators.

6.) Remove the Assistant Superintendent (who is named as accused in the Fact Finding memo) as Acting Superintendent immediately.  Act expeditiously to put at the least those 4 persons named in the Oct. 6, 2021 Fact Finding Investigation memo on paid leave to ensure due process for all. Ensure they are not work from home with file access, email access, or any other work place privileges, but true paid leave. Ask the State Board of Education to help with coverage for these positions if internal employees cannot. 

Please put our children first by putting due process first.

Thank you, Concerned Citizens & Parent's of Middletown, Connecticut, & Friends

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This petition had 431 supporters

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