Provide Life Saving Sanitation Tools for All Americans

Provide Life Saving Sanitation Tools for All Americans

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Started by Terence Lester

Per the United States Government, the CDC, and every Governor in the United States recommendation of best practices for COVID-19 prevention, handwashing is at the top of the list; however, individuals experiencing homelessness or living in extreme poverty do not have access to soap and water. Love Beyond Walls is solving this problem by placing, rotating, sanitizing, and replacing hand-washing stations in areas where they are needed most. 

This is a solution and we are asking the United States Government to be the solution for the following critical support in order to meet the most basic sanitary needs of some of our Country’s most vulnerable citizens during this State of Emergency:

IMMEDIATE NEED: Until hand-sanitizing stations can be implemented (see long term effort below), we are asking the United States Government to follow Love Beyond Walls successful mobile handwashing station model for every state across the United States. Love Beyond Walls actively seeks to partner with the United State Government to help implement this solution to a critical need to combat COVID-19 spread and protection of our most vulnerable citizens.

LONG TERM NEED (and most sustainable): We are asking for the United States Government to purchase 100 touch-free hand-sanitizing dispensers and hand sanitizer to replenish them as needed (State governments to refill them monthly) per state distributed to high-need areas. This is a nominal cost for the United States Government to ensure access to healthy hand sanitation access for millions of Americans currently experiencing homelessness.

Cost estimates based on current retail pricing (though bulk pricing from the US Government is likely less expensive):

A wall dispenser costs $23 per machine, and a dispenser stand with tray costs $88. One-time dispenser costs would range from $2300 to $8800, depending on the model of dispenser selected by the State ($5,550 average state cost. Hand sanitizer for refill purposes costs $23 per case, and includes 4 cartridges of sanitizer refill. Monthly, the State would purchase on average 25 cases of sanitizer (est. $575).

To provide access to hand sanitizer stations across the United States, a donation of $750,000 would meet a critical need of sanitized hands for millions currently experiencing homelessness ($277,500 for hand sanitizer stations and $345,000 for hand sanitizer for every state’s hand sanitizer stations for a year, and $127,500 to provide funding for administrative distribution and oversight of distribution selection and careful implementation.

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1,535 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!