A Register with state police and county police for special needs children

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At the moment there is no register with the state police at all or the county when a parent calls 911 they have no idea there is a special needs child in the home we need to change this‼️‼️ I personally have a child with autism who is scared of new people god forbid I have to call 911 he WILL run and hide! what if there is a fire and he hides for help or even resists? what if he runs away because he’s scared down a street and I need assistance or if he’s out and about and a police officer sees him and makes an arrest because he “LOOKS” high or drunk but he just has autism? We need this register to protect our kids So they know we have a child who may run who may resist help‼️ it’s time to make a change and make the states have one! SIGN THIS PETITION PROTECT OUR KIDS