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There is a 10% survival rate of Young Adults who have survived childhood illnesses and treated in the United States Medical System during the last two decades. During this time, Children's Hospitals in California have contributed to this death toll by creating unsafe and unnecessary transfers of patients based on the "transition age" of 21 years old, out of their continuation care at said Children's Hospital. Because Children's Hospitals own their diagnostic studies, medical records (paper), treatments, rights to surgeries, ECT., Adult County Hospitals do not have the proper experience or access to the patient's previous treatment options to continue specialized care of Young Adult Childhood Illness Survivors.

Thousands of Young Adults die each year at the hands of physicians at Children's Hospitals who stop the patient's health care in attempt at patient abandonment, intimidate the patient with chain of command in position of power, destroying medical records, excommunicating the patients, and recommending facilities unable to treat the patient... the reasoning by CEO's at Children's Hospitals is solely on age alone, not the ability to treat the patient or continue care. Due to this behavior by health care professionals at Children's Hospitals, it prevents continuation care at Children's Hospitals, safe transfers to Adult County Hospitals or Specialized Insurances to advocate.

Health Care is NOT THE SAME as GRADE SCHOOL... When a child who has been treated at Children's Hospital, turns 18 years old or 21 years old, they do not "graduate" to an Adult Hospital. Children's Hospitals have unique, rare, and specialized care that the Adult Hospitals have no access to or experience with. This creates an unsafe transfer that could result in death based on misconception that a patient must "graduate" to adult care based on age.

There is a break down in the Medical System for advocacy for Young Adult Childhood Illness Survivors who must continue specialized continuation care at Children's Hospitals. This is also contributing to death toll and preventing continuation care at Children's Hospitals. The actions of said Children's Hospitals break legal and ethical guidelines. There are entities in place that were established to monitor and advocate in legal and ethical issues in the Health Care that are currently unable to properly advocate for Young Adults who fall into this category.

*The Department of Civil Rights has been unsuccessful to investigate any case of a young adults who experiences patient abandonment at Children's Hospitals due to age, even though it falls under the category of Age Discrimination in Health Care.

*The Medical Board claims that the Department of Public Health is responsible to investigate Children's Hospitals. The Department of Public Health claims that the Medical Board is responsible to investigate Children's Hospitals. Neither entity successfully takes responsibility.

*Children's Hospitals have a team of lawyers that are hired specifically for their hospital. There is contrast in access for young adults to a lawyer. Lawyers are NOT OBLIGATED to take a case of a patient and can deny help at any time. This creates the issue of no legal representation for young adults to advocate for continuation care or justice through the Justice System.

*A Private Foundation, which is an alternative form of advocacy, is also NOT OBLIGATED to take a case of a young adult whose care has been stopped by a Children's Hospital.

*Specialized Insurances are also unable to advocate. CCS, California Childhood Services, stops insuring the patient at the age of 21 years old, without notification. CCS is necessary for care at all Children's Hospitals in California. Their entity denies keeping young adults on CCS passed the age of 21 years old. As an authority whose responsibility to monitor cases at Children's Hospitals, they have not successfully advocated for continuation care of young adults.

*Medi-cal Insurance and the Medi-Cal Ombudsman is unable to sustain continuation care at Children's Hospital for Young Adults, without CCS partnership. CCS has not partnered.

*The Joint Commissioner's Committee, has been unsuccessful at advocating for continuation care of Young Adults at Children's Hospital or aiding in creating a partnership between Medi-Cal and CCS for young adults passed the age of 21 years old.

*The last time that the Journal of Adolescent Medicine researched through case studies at Children's Hospitals for continuation care issues of young adults or addressed the "transition age" was in their 1993 article... 25 years ago. Due to a lack of updated information in the media or in medical journals, there is a misconception that only 6 Childhood Illnesses exist. Since the early 1990's medical science has advanced and there is actually hundreds of childhood illnesses that need diagnostic names and treatment options. The Journal of Adolescent Medicine has been unsuccessful in updating case studies on the "transition age" and updating diagnostic needs for childhood illnesses.

Due to this break down with case studies in medical journals, CCS only allows continuation care at Children's Hospital for Young Adults through an insurance called GCCP. GCCP ONLY advocates for 6 out of hundreds of Childhood Illnesses for future care. GCCP has been unsuccessful in addressing needs of all young adults who experiences barriers in continuation care and are not equipped to handle all cases of young adults.

I have notified Congressman Ruiz Office in May of 2017 in regards to this issue and submitted 9 sections of a Transition Care Bill that I wrote to start a process to fix these breakdowns in the Medical System and create new hospital guidelines. The Congressman's Office has been unsuccessful in addressing the breakdowns in care for young adults who are in need of continuation care at Children's Hospitals or creating new legislation to stop the breakdown. Other Senators have refused to help create new laws or help young adults based on the decision by Congressman Ruiz Office.

I am directly affected by this decision.

I am requesting that the appropriate Senators and Congressman research the breakdown in care for young adults who are in need of continuation care at Children's Hospitals and create new options to be made available. As well as, new laws to hold federal entities accountable and create guidelines for safety, advocacy, health care professional conduct for treating continuation care of young adults (at or over age of 21 years old) at Children's Hospitals.


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