Petition Closed

The Illinois Coaltion for Immigrant and Refugee Rights AND The Korean American Resource & Cultural Center AND Illinois People's Action AND the Champaign Urbana Immigration Forum are calling on representative Rodney Davis to vote Yes! for Comprehensive Immigration WITH a Pathway to Citizenship!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) will:
- Provide a pathway to citizenship and keep families together
- Does not make a 'pathway' contingent upon 'securing the border'
- Does not waste tax dollars on criminalizing immigrants and securing the border
- Alleviates the backlog of immigration cases by reforming the immigration system
- Respect workers' rights and protect people who are vulnerable, particularly women and children

Letter to
Representative Rodney Davis
U.S. House of Representatives
Dear Congressman Davis,

I urge you to support the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).