Demand a RE-TEST Nassau County Police Test 2018

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Ronnie Webber
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There has been much speculation about the 2018 Nassau County Police Exam...

There have been numerous rumors that there was an electronic error and that the test was going to be thrown out.  But, it wasn't.  It has been confirmed to me by numerous sources in NCPD that there WAS in fact an error in the test, leading to countless highly qualified and veteran law enforcement officers being disqualified, unjustly. The error occurred when the test taker went back to check their answers, this "action" in fact erased all of their answers causing them to fail the test. 

The exam announcements were delayed, and when they finally were sent out, those people who reviewed their answers, were given a failing grade.  The email stated: "you have failed to attain a passing score", "there will be no review of this examination".  

Those people who took the test and knew this was completely impossible responded to the email questioning the results and demanding answers, and were simply told the situation would be looked into. Nothing has come from this as of yet.

Many of the people who were given a failing score are not only Veterans with law enforcement background, but law enforcement officers in other counties, some of whom presently possess supervisory positions. These highly qualified men and woman were unjustly disqualified, because they finished the test in a timely fashion and went back to check their answers. The Nassau County Civil Service Commission is turning a blind eye and rather than suffer embarrassment from the computer error, would rather employ less qualified people to serve and protect the people of Nassau County. I ask the high tax paying residents of Nassau County, are you okay with this? Are you okay having less qualified people keeping you safe because the county and officials you pay to support are lazy and don't want to take responsibility for a mistake? 

If you live in Nassau County and feel this is unjust and would like to see the 2018 test results thrown out and/or demand a "re-test" to at least those with prior law enforcement background, please sign this petition. 

If you took the 2018 Nassau Police Test and you are one of these people who had unjustly been disqualified, please sign this petition. If our demands are not met, we have every intention on filing a class action law suite.  This would NOT be the first time that Nassau County would be the subject of a lawsuit for this EXACT issue. The county had been sued prior for similar circumstances and those people who had been disqualified, were in fact HIRED as a result. 

For those disqualified who demand a Re-Test, please join my closed Facebook Group "RE-TEST Nassau PD 2018" so that we can communicate and work together to achieve justice.