Ask President Trump to demand Sajiv Javid is held responsible for Tommy Robinson's safety.

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On 25th May 2018 10,000 people watched as Tommy Robinson was arrested by police who accused him of disturbing the peace. He was reporting on the sentencing of 29 Pakistani Muslims alleged to have brutally raped British girls some as young as 12 years old.
He was not breeching reporting restrictions, as he was reading from a BBC website which named the perpetrators and was already in the public domain.
Within three hours he had been 'tried' - refused access to his own lawyer - and sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for 'contempt of court', so the arresting officer's claim of breaching the peace was clearly a fabrication, and this was an attempt to silence him. 
Hundreds of thousands of British girls, mostly white, some Sikhs, have been brutally raped, tortured, mutilated and even killed by rape gangs, 90% of whom are Pakistani Muslims. The girls have the letter 'M' carved into their flesh, marking them 'property of Mohammed.'
Local and national government, police and welfare services have all worked to hide these crimes. Some are implicated in taking part in the rapes, personally. Whistle-blowers have been persecuted, threatened, and fired. 
Prison authorities have previously allowed Tommy Robinson to be beaten almost to death, have bleach, and home-made napalm thrown at him.
He has now been deliberately placed in a high security prison with a 71% Muslim population, where the prison Imam has commanded prisoners to kill him. He has been placed on the main block, with the clear intention that he will be murdered.
The man responsible for this is the new Home Secretary, Sajiv Javid, himself a Muslim. Those who protest against this are arrested and terrorised, and criticism is called Hate Speech, and punishable by long prison sentences.
Such prisoners are not protected by prison authorities, who may be accepting bribes from Muslim prisoners. At least one such prisoner has been murdered while in custody, others have been beaten.
Meanwhile, Anjem Choudary, who instructed the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby and other victims of Islamist terror, is being released, having served only half the sentence passed on him after 20 years of actively inciting Islamist terrorism - and this year a further 80 known jihadis are being released.
As previous Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister, Theresa May bears ultimate responsibility for this situation.
She has no credibility as leader of a nominally democratic nation. To suppress free speech and take political prisoners contravenes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
She is also refusing to implement the largest democratic mandate of our nation's entire history, in order to force us to remain subservient to the hostile foreign power she supports.
Please intervene to demand that the Conservative Party of UK, and all future governments, guarantee the safety of Tommy Robinson, cease criminalising free speech, ensure absolute freedom of the press, stop all attempts to bind us to the EU, and end their support for Sharia and blasphemy laws, or face drastic consequences to restore our democracy and civil liberties.

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