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Educate the Social Security Admin. About Aortic Dissection

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Aortic dissection is a rare but DEVASTATING condition. It's what killed actor John Ritter. My husband suffered an aortic dissection on Nov. 19, 2015 and came very close to dying. It's truly a miracle he lived and is still himself. During the surgery to save his life he suffered several strokes resulting in significant  vision impairment, weakness, memory issues and dizziness. He also had to have his aortic valve replaced and a coronary bypass performed, due to that artery dissecting. He now lives with what is called "CHRONIC dissection" and must be monitored closely. He was denied Social Security Disability insurance despite his physicians writing letters stating he is totally and permanently disabled. HE IS NOT ALONE. We have heard COUNTLESS stories of dissection patients with all sorts of serious complications being denied and this must STOP. The way SSDI works is over 60% of applications are initially denied. Then you request a reconsideration (in NJ). About 85% of those are DENIED. Then you can request a hearing before a judge...people WAIT YEARS for this. THe system is so broken and it's a DISGRACE. We had NO idea what it was like until we had to apply and I'm sure the general public doesn't realize it either. My husband is a veteran and worked for 25 years at the same place paying into SSDI all those years...and where is it now that he needs it? People are losing their homes, exhausting their savings and retirement funds, needing food stamps and Medicaid because of this broken does that make sense?? Is this how we treat those who are sick? By adding to their misery? Please sign and GET OUR VOICES HEARD. Thank you.

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