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Congressman Mike Honda: Abolish Human Trafficking

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May 19, 2013

Did you know that the average age of a child first forced into the sex slave trade is 13, According to 

"According to UNICEF, 99% of victims of human trafficking are not rescued."

"Please join me in this petition that urges Congress to abolish human trafficking at it’s roots by asking our Congressman Mike Honda, to push through legislature, a proven method that already works in Sweden. Laws that punish the solicitor and not the victim.

Human Trafficking in the US is at epidemic proportions according to the UN, FBI, Washington, and Cornell law school, yet because of our lack of understanding or denial, yet we sit and do nothing. Passivity though ignorance or knowledge is still passive. 

According to UN statistics, the United States is ten percent above all other nations, in the amount of minors that are victim’s of human trafficking. These numbers are despicable and appalling to me as a US citizen. 

Please join me and the undersigned of this petition in urging Congress to elevate the consequences of solicitation of prostitution. If we adopted Sweden’s current law to crack down on prostitution it could majorly handicap this atrocity, affecting millions of women and teenage girls. In Sweden the solicitor is arrested, fined and the sentencing has doubled to six months in jail, while nothing happens to the prostitute, contrary to the US, Sweden offers help to retrain and rehabilitate the prostitute, to exit this trade safely. The statistics according to ( The Local, prostitution has halved! A 50% reduction and quoted as “ "is an important instrument to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings and to protect those people who are, or who risk becoming, involved in prostitution," it said, Published: 3 Jul 10 09:24 CET. This is a very practical approach to attempt, because what we are doing currently in the United States, is not working.

If the fines and sentencing for convicted solicitors of prostitution were doubled and a public website was developed that posted names and pictures of convicted persons guilty of solicitation or prostitution of minors. Than the demand for minors involved prostitution could diminish immensely, thus saving the innocence of many minors domestically, and internationally. Easy as no demand, no supply needed.

Currently these domestic and foreign nationals that are minors brought into the sex trade are subjected to multiple transactions (3-7) a night. They are subjected to rape and other violent crimes that are despicable to any civilized person.

You do not have to be a dad, brother, uncle, cousin or grand-father to feel called to action, to abolish this hate crime against women. Just like you don’t have to be the dad or mom of an abducted child to feel desperate.  

Please sign this petition to Congressman Mike Honda before the next innocent child that is abducted or recruited is someone you know.

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