Create a fair admission process by removing the race section on college applications.

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Affirmative Action unintentionally works to discriminate against Caucasian and Asian students in the admissions process in order to bring diversity to College campuses. We should care about racism in college admissions because it is not allowing equal opportunities to the brightest and hardest working students who should be evaluated on their academic performance but instead are being denied admissions due to their Caucasian or Asian race. Affirmative action was created to be a helpful program to prevent discrimination and inequality, but over time it has actually done the opposite, now penalizing Caucasians and Asians in the admissions process all because of their race. Colleges set the admissions bar lower for Hispanics and African Americans and raise the bar for Caucasians and Asian Americans. Research shows that African-American or Hispanic applicants had as much as a 30 to 40 percent better chance of acceptance than Indian Americans and Caucasians. In the past 2 decades, the Asian-American population has more than doubled yet the percentage of Asians at Harvard has remained 16 to 19 percent. Affirmative action’s intended purpose was to create representation for all ethnicities. However, when applying to college someone should not be accepted because they are the most ethnically diverse but because they are academically talented. California universities saw this and made a change to their acceptance process. In 1996 Proposition 209 puts an end to racially bias admissions practices at University of California schools. This has led to a skyrocket in acceptance rates of Asians and a decrease of other ethnicities, nowadays 1 out of 3 students are Asian.

Even though California has put an end to Affirmative action in public university’s, there is still a problem. No matter what law is passed, race will always be indicated and then scrutinized when students apply to college, even in California. On college applications there is a specific section for race where students must specify their race and college admission offices use that information.  For example, now that public Universities have such a large Asian population, they want to move towards welcoming more Hispanics and African Americans. Furthermore, Proposition 209 only ended Affirmative Action in public colleges meaning private colleges in California are welcome to use race in the admissions process. In the end, the termination of Affirmative Action is a great first step, but the only way to ensure the end of racism in college admissions is removing the race/ethnicity section on college applications. By doing this, colleges will have no idea what race the applicant is and will have to judge the prospective students based solely on academic merit.


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