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NYS Nursing Home legislation change to have camera surveillance from family members.

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The Buddha once lived in lavishness until he witnessed the true human everyday suffering in the world. Thereafter, he became one of man's greatest spiritual leaders of all time. People, all people, young or old, man or woman can fall ill, will grow old or can be effected by an accident or violent crime. When tragedy strikes often, beyond the scope of care of their loving families, we (the people) then look to the hospitals and health facilities for care and rehabilitation. Excellence is generated however not by these institutions alone, yet often in concert of methodical health professionals and family member involvement.

Too often with the current state of affairs, whether it is an individual facility's policy, lack of care, compassion fatigue or family members' lack of involvement then leads to countless cases of neglect and abuse, where unfortunate arrest or fines are made.

What if there was a proactive way to ensure transparency and bring wellness to the front line while at the same time bringing the family into the fold - focusing light to the overwhelming task that health care facilities, 1st responders and caregivers face daily? Therefore garnering more community and governmental support. Cameras. In the internet age of things and video surveillance are ever more easy and readily available. It is a sure step way to foster tangible care, increase family involvement and advocacy, particularly for unfortunate patients and persons immobilized or whom are unable to talk or defend themselves and show the true burden these facilities often face. As a society it would be great to get away from the stowaway mentality of the elderly or ill and get peoples lives, your life back on track.

This petition, drafted by a concerned family seeking some support from you the readers and health care community as well as our own NYS Congressional leaders, District 10 Congressmen Jerrold Nadler and Governor Andrew Cuomo (remember his father Mario Cuomo? - ero un grande uomo) to immediately draft changes and pass legislation allowing public and private health facilities and its associate who care for all patients bed-ridden or not to bestow upon their families electable rights to bring camera surveillance on or into the private rooms of loved ones, your loved ones. We all will hopefully live long and prosperous lives but some of us, you will fall ill. Would it not be nice to know that hard working loved ones who still have to solider on with life can be ever more closer and informed and effective, therefore leading to more stories of success, wellness and rehabilitation? Rather then contention and arrest. HIPPA does not regulate this area but many facilities use it as a deterrence. Yet, that is not the case and waivers can be signed not holding facilities liable for privacy act infringement/violations as well as other reconcilable concerns from both side which we believe can be worked out - rather than an excuse to use against video surveillance. Please join me and share this message today, call for change today. It should be noted several states have conducted video monitoring pilot programs (Massachusetts and Florida) and others are considering implenting regulations (Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington) but no laws have been enacted yet. Time to change that. Thank you. Morgan.

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