Town Hall with Congressman Dave Brat on April 7th 2018 Focused on Discussing Gun Violence

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Background: Dave Brat has been the Congressman for Virginia’s 7th District for nearly four years over two elected terms but has refused to take public stances on many popular nonpartisan gun violence solution proposals that have been offered including strengthened background checks, no-fly-no-buy legislation, assault weapons bans, and banning bump stocks, and high capacity magazines. He also refused to comment on any of the movements or events that have bolstered the urgency, and interest in tougher gun safety measures in our nation beyond offering thoughts, and prayers despite his statement on the Parkland Massacre which says “I will be looking for ways to positively contribute to this national discussion and real world solutions. I will be traveling my district listening to all stakeholders. I want to identify what is necessary to stop these criminals and keep our kids and schools safe.” However he has not yet committed to or offered to attend a town hall or meet with students, and citizens to discuss solutions to this serious threat to our nation's citizens. In fact he has not held a single town hall in over 300 days.

Goals: The main purpose of this is to allow any students in the 7th District who want Dave Brat to take a public stance on gun control proposals to Persuade Congressman Brat to commit to a town hall on April 7th dedicated to discussing solutions to gun violence with his constituents, and inform us of how he plans to solve the gun violence epidemic if re-elected to the House of Representatives in November, and ask if he is willing to sign a pledge stating he will fight for tougher gun safety initiatives as well as offering his constituents a clear, and obvious position on the issue of gun violence. Our main priorities by requesting this town hall are to allow members of the 7th Congressional District to ask Congressman Brat to answer questions from students, parents, and concerned constituents aimed at combating the gun violence epidemic in the United States as well as asking Dave Brat whether or not he would sign a pledge to fight for tougher gun safety legislation in Washington if re-e

Note: This is NOT meant to push one political parties agenda or endorse one ideology over another. This is solely meant to be focused on advocating, and advancing common sense gun violence prevention measures that an overwhelming majority of Americans on all parts of the political spectrum support.


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