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We petition Rep. Andy Biggs (Az CD-5) to hold a public Town Hall by April 13th

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 Constituents of Arizona Congressional District 5 are requesting that their Congressman Andy Biggs (R) hold a public Town Hall meeting to discuss issues that concern his constituents including but not limited to:

*  Rep. Andy Biggs voted to start the repeal process on The Affordable Care  Act knowing that no replacement is currently available.  Data shows that there has been a 34% decrease in the number of uninsured persons in CD-5.  Data also shows that approx. 20,800 people in CD-5 have enrolled in the ACA.

*  Rep. Andy Biggs voted to repeal a regulation that prevented severely mentally disabled persons from purchasing firearms.  We want you to explain to us why you voted to make it easier for the severely mentally ill to buy guns.   We question your apparent lack of common sense and want to know how this action makes us safer.

*  We want to know Rep. Andy Biggs’  rationale and arguments for voting to remove The Stream Protection Rule which sought to protect water quality from the impacts of surface coal mining.

*  We want to know why Rep. Andy Biggs voted to repeal The Methane Rule on gas and oil extractors which sought to reduce venting of toxic gases by capturing 85% of the gas by 2026.

*  We want to know why Rep. Andy Biggs is in favor of eliminating the EPA and the Dept of Education.

Many constituents have reported that you, Congressman Biggs, have been largely unavailable to your constituents.  Many constituents have requested a Town Hall by contacting your office  in person, by phone, and by email.  To date you have not scheduled a Town Hall Meeting.

Instead of meeting your constituents during the recent Congressional Recess that was earmarked as “District Work” you spent most of that time at an out-of-town resort with little to no regard of your constituents needs.  We are requesting the Town Hall shall be scheduled between April 10 and April 13, 2017 which is the beginning of the next scheduled “District Work” period.

We are requesting the Town Hall be held in the evening, so working people can participate.  This would also grant you the opportunity to communicate with your constituents, in large non-partisan numbers, and would grant us, your constituents, the opportunity to voice our opinions on upcoming issues that are important to us.

We, your constituents, are frustrated with your unavailability.  We are requesting an in person Town Hall and for it to be centrally located in the district.  We are requesting the right to ask questions and voice our opinions during this meeting. The Town Hall shall be scheduled for no less than two (2) hours in duration.  

This petition will be delivered to the office of Congressman Andy Biggs (R) (AzCD-5)

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