Ban styrofoam in NJ

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Styrofoam is one of the biggest problem's around the world. Some people think that it will do no harm but it actually is killing the earth every day. This is because styrofoam takes a huge amount of time to recycle. It takes from 500 years to forever for styrofoam to recycle. We have already wrote a letter to the superintendent of East Brunswick Public Schools, and the governor of NJ. 

    A big problem is that the schools of East Brunswick use styrofoam trays everyday for lunch. About 600 styrofoam trays are thrown in the garbage every day at just 1 school. We need to change the trays and make it into to cardboard or plastic trays which we could recycle. I know that this is just one district, but with the help of you guys, we could ban Styrofoam use in other districts. We know this is a hard change, but with help we could make a big difference step by step.