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Support the creation of a National Girl in Science Day

We at The Invincible Woman Project  were surprised to discover that there is no national or international day encouraging girls to pursue the sciences.  This is especially disheartening due to a recent Yale study demonstrating that bias still persists against women in science. Long standing barriers against women in science include an outright ban on women pursuing science education, speaking at conferences, publishing under their own names, becoming members of scientific societies, or holding academic faculty positions (visit for references to the Yale study and for a history of women in science). 

  • Women make up fewer than 10% of members of scientific advisory boards of the top 100 high-tech companies in the world. 
  • Less than 1% of all female college freshmen say they intend to major in computer science. 
  • Only 14 percent of all physics professors in the United States are women. 

To redress these inequities, we'd like to establish a National Girl in Science Day on Marie Curie's birthday, November 7th. Dr. Curie, who not only won Nobel Prizes despite the discrimination against her as a woman (see for a historical account), mentored her daughter to win a Nobel Prize. Her birthday can serve as the perfect focal point to encourage science mentorship and bring national attention to girls and women in science. 

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