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Congressional Non Performance

Millions of American people are struggling with unemployment and all that results from not being able to financially support the provision of basic necessities of life for themselves and their families, forcing them to rely on the system and the generosity of others.   The system is no longer a resource for them and the generosity of others is tempered by the fact that everyone else is at risk.

Meanwhile, our Government continues to make political gamesmanship their number one priority.  One political party announces their intention publicly and proudly, allegedly adhering to rigid ideology that cannot work for these issues at this time.  The other political party wrings their hands, bemoans their inability to get anything done, and believes the American people will eventually reject the policies of the other party.  The American people do not have the time or the resources to wait for the next election, which can no longer be depended upon to select the most qualified, most dedicated, most authentic individual to represent the needs of the people.

The American Congress and the Administration is no longer productive.  We live in a time and circumstance where the American people can no longer afford to financially support political gamesmanship, personal ambitions, and political power struggles.  That is not our priority.  Our priority is our survival.

We, who have lost our own jobs, can no longer pay for the lucrative salaries and benefits of those who are supposed to be doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. 

We are asked to be patient; to sacrifice with frozen salaries, reduced retirement benefits, threatened access to healthcare, lack of unemployment benefits, and more, while we continue to support two wars of over ten years duration that will never really end and while we continue to financially support those in Government with their own lucrative salaries and benefits, even as they continue to collect financial subsidies from those groups for whom they really work.

It is time for the salaries and benefits of Congress and the Administration to be addressed.  While we are in these difficult times and while the Congress and the Administration can not even move on a treaty that addresses national security, a vote to secure the right of all who choose to serve in the military, a pittance unemployment subsidy, and any of the important issues facing the people of this country, we should not continue to pay the salaries of those charged with getting this work done. 

We cannot afford to feed, clothe, house, educate, and care for our own who are sick.  We certainly cannot afford to provide that for those who enter Congress and become even more wealthy off of our struggles and to continue to support them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.  As with any job, if you do not perform, you are fired or, at least, placed on probation.  We cannot fire elected officials and we cannot afford to wait for the next election, which we cannot trust.

We must suspend the salaries and benefits of Congress and the Administration until they begin to perform their jobs in the best interest of the people and this nation.  "Cutting spending" is a shared responsibility and eliminating the expenses incurred for a Government that cannot or will not perform their job during crisis is the consequence for non performance.

If and when they do begin to perform, the salaries of Congress and the Administration should be cut to 50% until the nation's economy and unemployment is improved. 

Their perks of travel, personal drivers, multiple office sites, cadre of aides and staffers, and all other benefits that are intended to assist them to do their work should be cut 50% until they begin to actually produce enough to justify these expenditures. 

While they threaten to repeal healthcare access reform and as they actually work to do so, the government provided, tax supported healthcare benefit for themselves should be suspended and they should seek their own private pay healthcare plan on the open market if they choose to have one. 

Their retirement/pension plan that enjoys employer contributions should be suspended and they should face future retirement relying on Social Security and personal savings.

They cannot make decisions with consequences for the people that they do not have to experience for themselves.


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