The happiest moment of My Life is forever changed due to negligence !

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January 30, 2016 should have been one of the best days of my life, unfortunately the c-section I had, changed my life forever. During the c-section my bowel was nicked during surgery. The doctors/resident never caught it so I was bleeding internally for 4 days. I kept telling the nurses and doctors something was wrong but the nurses and doctors never listened to me. I never had a bowel movement or the passing of gas which is a requirement to go home, after over 3 suppositories and several stool softeners I never went to the bathroom. I was so weak I couldn't even hold my newborn. I was discharged and was so weak and pale I couldn't walk, my husband had to pick me up and put me in a wheelchair. I got home and was in so much pain my husband called an ambulance I went to a different hospital and within 2 hours of arriving I was having life threatening surgery. My entire bowel was removed except 1 foot. My abdomen was filled with blood I was septic, my bowels were dead and gangrene, and my stomach was filled with blood and bacteria. If I would have waited a few more hours I would have died from septic shock.

My whole life has been altered because of the carelessness of the doctors, residents, and nurses not doing their jobs.  

From 2000-2014 the maternal death rate from around 48 states increased by approximately 27% from close to 19 per 100,000 live births.

This needs to change. Having a baby should be a wonderful occasion, it should be a time of celebration.

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