America, it's time to #tellthetruthteachthetruth about Black history

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American history education, and more specifically Black history education, is failing to meet the societal challenges of the moment. Incomplete state social studies standards and inaccurate history textbooks, along with culturally insensitive teaching methods, have allowed for generational perpetuation of misinformation and racist stereotypes about Black people. This has fueled the ignorance, hatred and racism our nation continues to struggle with today. This educational malpractice has done a major disservice to all students and severe damage to Black students.

America, it’s time to tell the truth and teach the truth about Black history.

Either you believe in accurately educating children or you condone lying to them.

We are demanding that:

  • The United States Congress pass national legislation that mandates all PreK-12 schools in all 50 states teach students a year-round 21st-century Black history curriculum
  • The United State Congress condition all state educational funding allocations upon 100% compliance with new federal Black history mandates
  • National Black history standards be created that teach all aspects of Black history, including the truth about the enslavement of Black people, white supremacy and systemic racism
  • Black history experts (Black educators, Black scholars, Black historians, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Black studies programs, Black museums) write the national standards
  • Black history experts and qualified Black-owned businesses be contracted to create new 21st-century Black History curriculum and teaching materials, per the national standards
  • All school districts hire Black teachers, Black principals and Black student counselors commensurate with the percentage of Black students in their PreK-12 school population, at a minimum
  • Black teachers be hired across all subjects and Black History teachers be proficient per the national Black History standards
  • All school districts partner with local / regional / national Black history experts (Black scholars, Black historians, HBCUs, Black studies programs, Black museums, Black archives, Black historic sites, Black landmarks, Black libraries) to help teach all students
  • Funding these initiatives is prioritized, and budgets are seeded with dollars reallocated away from militarizing and expanding police departments on the federal level
  • All Governors, Chief State School Officers, Mayors and local school board officials re-imagine Black History education in their states, cities and towns and prioritize, support and help fund these efforts with dollars reallocated away from militarizing and expanding police departments on the state and local levels
  • All Governors and local governments condition all local educational funding allocations on 100% compliance with new federal Black history mandates

Why Is This Important?

In most schools Black history is only taught one month a year, during Black History Month. Black history is treated like a separate aspect of American history as opposed to a foundational, integral element. The Black experience in America spans 401 years and is replete with achievement and contribution that has helped shape this country. Black people were America’s first “essential workers.” The origins and economic prosperity of this country were built upon Black labor. Black people have played a central role in every era of American history since its founding. Black people have been and continue to be instrumental in pushing America closer to the fulfillment of its promise of becoming a more perfect union. However, Black History curriculum typically only focuses on slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, topics that receive cursory coverage at best.

If we are ever going to heal this nation, we must start by telling children the truth and teaching them the truth about America’s original sin, white supremacy and systemic racism.

Time’s up for making excuses.

We provide our full point of view and support for our demands for 21st-century Black History education in our article, America, it’s time to tell the truth and teach the truth, which you can read here -

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