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Stop the partisan bickering

The elections are over. Partisan bickering has picked up right where it left off. It needs to stop! Unemployment is still high. The stock market has taken a dive. The fragile economy is teetering over the abyss and the "fiscal cliff" looms near. Middle class tax hikes will cripple most US citizens. These and other critical problems must be solved.
We demand that all of our elected officials end congressional gridlock. Our country needs you to communicate and negotiate in good faith to solve the crucial challenges we face. Stop the madness!! The country needs you to work together. Compromise for the greater good is absolutely necessary. Never forget that you work and represent ALL Americans, regardless of your party affiliation. GET TO WORK ON THIS NOW!! Start doing the job you were elected to do and save this great country while there is still time. America is counting on you to do what is right for all of us.

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