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Congress, Write a Law to Make Trump stop weekly vacations in Florida

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 President Trump's almost weekly weekend trips to his hotel, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida has cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars in nearly two short months. It appears that he plans to continue to go to his hotel each weekend for the remainder of his presidency. Trump calling his hotel the "Winter White House" means nothing, certainly not that he will stop going when winter ends. 

I am asking Congress to write a law to prevent Trump from continuing to waste taxpayers money in this manner and to stop allowing him to go to his hotel in Florida every weekend. I will also ask that Congress not allow his family members to go on unnecessary vacations or trips.

This money could be better spent for programs that Trump wants to cut from the budget. Examples of these programs are: 

1.  Meals on Wheels which feeds the elderly and the sick and is often their only meal and only human contact in the day.  

2. Free Lunches for School Children. Children from low income families need this nutrition.


3. Funding for PBS. This funds educational programs on television like Sesame Street for Children and helps with early learning.  

4.  Healthcare funding. Taxpayer money would be better spent paying for or assisting with paying for healthcare for any Americans who need this assistance.

Do you as a taxpayer want to continue to pay for an expensive, unnecessary vacation for a rich President to go to Florida every weekend when he could easily go to Camp David which has all the necessary security or stay in Washington, DC, like all Presidents before him?  Would you prefer that the extra money be spent on poor children and poor elderly to feed them and to provide them with vital services?  Or would you also prefer the money, your taxpayer money, go toward your Healthcare?


Dear Members of Congress:

I am respectfully asking you to write a law that stops Trump's weekly or nearly weekly weekend trips to Florida. This letter is more detailed and nuanced than my title and opening sentence may indicate, and I hope that you will read on, as I have given this a great deal of time, energy, and thought. My profession has been working in the social services field helping others for over twenty years. I may not know the correct terms to use, but I am passionate about my belief that the President of the United States should be acting in the best interests of all Americans, and that includes the poor and the middle class, not just the rich.

  I also ask that you seek to limit President Trump to weekend or even weekday vacations to Camp David, and any law that you write does not allow him to travel to any other locations for vacation during the year, with the possibility of an annual vacation  with  restrictions clearly spelled out using budget limitations for personal security if possible. 

  I wrote this petition because I and the people I believe will join me in signing this petition,  want to tell you that we feel it's important for Congress to stop Trump from continuing to take advantage of taxpayers on a weekly basis while he and the GOP plan to cut funding to vital programs for people who have very little and need the programs to literally survive  and meet some of their basic needs. We ask that you take action now. 

I ask that you write a law that requires Trump to take only a yearly vacation and sets clear limits and requirements, including financial ones, for where he can go and how long he can stay and if you think necessary, how many members of his family he can take with him at taxpayer expense.  I also ask that you require that if he must have weekend vacations  or vacations during the week before his annual his vacation that he be allowed to go only to  Camp David like every other President before him, as security is already set up there, and it will not cost extra money for taxpayers for him to do so. 

I would ask that his year counting down to his annual vacation START from the LAST visit to Mar-a-Lago whether he SAYS it was a working vacation or not.  As we have all witnessed, Trump cannot be trusted at his word. He has shown repeatedly that he lies.

 Trump has shown no self-control or maturity in the matter of deciding where to spend his weekends and as taxpayers we cannot afford to finance his weekly or nearly weekly visits to his hotel, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida or any other location he may decide on.  We should not have to. 

Trump calls Mar-a-Lago the "Winter White House", but that does not make it so. This does not mean he will stop going there when winter ends. It does not mean that Americans agreed to this added expense when he was elected.  It does not mean he won't come up with a new, expensive weekend location for him and his family to visit when it's spring or summer or fall.

 As I am sure you all realize, laws must be carefully worded now that the words of the President cannot be taken at face value, in my opinion at least.  And as another person pointed out to me, any recreational activity , even close to DC or anywhere in the country or world, could be very expensive, and called a meeting, or even having a meeting as part of it. Or Trump could cancel the meeting but still  hold the recreational activity, his golfing at Mar-a-Lago, at the last minute as happened with the VA meeting in FL so recently, so I ask that you please take this into considerations when writing the law.

 The language of the law, or bill, would of course be up to you, but I am making suggestions based on the problem as I see it.  I see that Trump needs boundaries and limits set by the law as he will not set them on himself. 

Perhaps this will have to be written as a law that limits how much taxpayer money can be spent yearly on protection for security for recreational activities for the President and his family, or what portion of the President's salary can go towards paying for the security for him and his family each year, and for anyone else who might accompany him, including members of Congress, or dignitaries from other countries, and set a limit on how many people he can take with him.  Also it may need to cover situations such as when he says it's to hold VA meetings that never actually happen, for example, so meetings need to be held at the White House In DC and exactly which meetings this covers.  

I ask that if Trump as a wealthy man feels he MUST go to Florida to his hotel that he pay for the cost of the transportation and the security, Secret Service, in advance suggesting a month in advance to let his check clear. If the check does not clear, then he should not go.  He needs to be held accountable, in my opinion. He should not be allowed IOU'S of any kind. He has shown a tendency not to pay his bills. 

I also suggest that you write it into the law that if his check does not clear, that he will not be provided with transportation to anywhere but Camp David and clearly spell out any and all consequences if he attempts to order the pilot to take him elsewhere. I submit that with Trump all contingencies should be covered in any law that his written and be legally enforceable.  

Trump has also proven repeatedly that he is willing to lie, so his word that he will pay cannot be trusted.

 I also ask that you include in the bill or law that his family is also not allowed to go to Mar-a-Lago every weekend or on any other vacations, as I read that they are currently in Aspen. It would be great if you could add that they have to pay for security or limit the amount of business trips or the amount that taxpayers have to pay for Secret Service security for them on their business trips each year.   We need to set limits with this family, obviously.  Possibly they could pay for their own cost of Secret Service costs over a certain limit on a yearly basis, again in advance.

Perhaps Trump and his family can vacation at Mar-a-Lago once a year or elsewhere within reason, once a year. It may need to be written into the law that it is preapproved by Congress and a time limit is set on how far ahead the family must turn their plans into Congress for preapproval.

Obviously clear limit needs to be written into the law. I don't know if this needs to be written for all future Presidents, but I see that Trump needs a clear limit.  He has been in office since January 2017.  It is now March, 2017.  He has spent nearly every weekend in Florida, and if I am correct spent ONE weekend in Washington, DC since becoming POTUS.

 Taxpayers cannot afford to continue to pay the millions of dollars that would be better spent on all of the programs that Trump wants to slash. And honestly, I as a taxpayer, and anyone who signs this will agree, that they do not want to continue to pay for these lavish weekly or nearly weekly vacations for Mr. Trump.

It appears Trump plans to do this weekly or nearly weekly for the duration of his presidency and that is unacceptable.  It's hard to know if the Florida trips will stop or what will come next.  If he says they will stop, we can't believe him due to his history of lying.

Instead the budget can be rewritten so that the millions of taxpayer dollars goes to the poor elderly and children and those who need healthcare, and to others who need these funds.  Programs like Meals on Wheels, Free Lunches for Kids,  PBS, Healthcare for those who cannot afford it, and to other worthwhile programs.

In closing, I will share that I grew up in poverty, and I know that it's not the fault of children if their parents are poor. It is scary to grow up poor and be uncertain about your future and your stability. I received free lunches when I was in school. I didn't like it, but I needed to eat. I realize now that I didn't need to be ashamed. No one at the school ever treated me poorly because I got free lunches.  I put myself through college and worked in the social services field for many years with abused children, with the homeless, and also with people with mental health issues. Many of these people struggled with poverty. They were good, kind people.  Poor people deserve help too, and they do not deserve to have funding cut from programs that they depend on to stay alive.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

Jamie W. Bryant

Added Note:  I also see that WIC would be cut in Trump's new budget and that falls under one of the worthwhile programs that should be funded rather than have Trump fly to Florida or anywhere other than Camp David on taxpayer's dime for rest and relaxation. This is outrageous and so disheartening. Again, please help us taxpayers and Americans. Again, thank you.

Added Note:  Perhaps Trump could pay any and all costs , well in advance with his check clearing before he travels,  as stated before, above what it would cost for him to go to Camp David for the weekend, in order to go to Mar-a-Lago on the weekends, which includes the cost of his Secret Service, their lodging and meals at his hotel, the additional cost of having the Coast Guard provide additional security for him and his family, etc.  This seems fair to the American taxpayers and to Mr. Trump if he wishes to continue his weekly or nearly weekly vacations. This could also apply to other recreational activities other than his Florida hotel ,costs above normal costs such as going to Camp David as all other Presidents have done before him.  This would apply to his family and any additional people he decides to invite also.





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