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Favio Rocru started this petition to Congress

Americans will feel safe when going to public places, it will also impact the economy of malls, thus, the U.S Economy.

To whom it may concern,
Ladies and Gentlemen, How is it possible? 

We have to put an end to the irresponsibility of selling arms to anyone without a prior investigation.

People should be allowed to have a weapon, only when their lives are in danger.

Young people cannot enter a casino before they turn 21, and yet, they can buy a gun.

They can’t either purchase hard liquor, cigarettes, etc., but they can buy a gun.

They are also not eligible to rent a car before the age of 25, but they can buy a gun. We demand a thorough investigation of who sells weapons and why they sell them.
This must stop, no more irresponsible arms!

No more easy sales, a weapon should be sold only to a city that has been previously investigated, they should have a clean record or, at least a lifetime record clean of small or big crimes. They should also pass a psychological test before buying the weapon, and they must be adults over 30 years of age. 

They must also surrender their application with their phone number (s), a recommendation letter, thus, if something happens with that gun, the owner of it shall be liable...

Therefore, I’m asking for signatures, so this goes over to the congress and they take action. Weapons that are already in the possession of x people, should need to be checked every 12 months, we should also make sure that the citizen who owns the weapon, remains chronological and mentally OK as well as keeps a clean criminal record, otherwise the weapon (s) shall be repossessed, also, we should know who lives in the address where the weapon resides. 

We demand immediate action; we do not want any children or vulnerable people to pay for the irresponsibility of a crazy person, and whoever sold them the weapon (s). At the same time, we demand that the shooting ranges, do not admit any citizens who want to practice if they have not gone through the same extensive inspection mentioned above. 

To Congress: Hereby, on behalf of US Citizens and Residents, we demand immediate action. 

Faviola Rodriguez

Un joven no puede entrar a un casino antes de 21 años pero puede comprar un arma.
No puede comprar licor, cigarros pero puede comprar un arma.
No es elejible para rentar un auto antes de los 25 pero puede comprar un arma.
 Esto debe parar, a no mas armas irresponsables!
 No mas ventas con faciidad, una arma puede ser vendida a un ciudadano. previamente investigado, con un historial Limpio Un a hoja de vida sin ni un delito  ni pequeno, un examen psicologico, previamente, este debe ser un adulto mayor de 30 años 
Con una solicitud amplia, telefonos y recomendaciones, por ende si algo sucede con esta arma el propietario de la misma sera el responsable. 

Por eso pido firmas para que esto pase al congreso y se tome accion, Las armas que ya se encuentran en poder de x persona, tendran que ser revisadas cada 12 meses, saber que el ciudadano permanece cronologica y mentalente competente... con un historial delictivo limpio de otra manera el arma puede ser reposeida, tambien se debe saber quienes habitan la dirección donde se encuentre el arma.
Pedimos acción inmediata, no podemos permitir que  los niños o personas vulnerables, paguen por la irresponsabilidad, de un demente y de quien vendio el arma, Asi mismo exijimos a los campos donde se practica tiro al blanco, no admitir a cualquier ciudadano a practicar: tendra que pasar la inspección antes mencionada.
Al congreso pedimos accion inmediata.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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