Stop "Financial" abuse in Divorce it is Domestic Violence! Congress is not protecting us!

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Congress does not protect Families in Financial Abuse which IS Domestic Violence during a Separation or Divorce!

My X Husband withdrew our IRA and my family's Life Insurance Policy because it was not protected/frozen by law! (And Div attorneys lack the knowledge!!!).

There is Life Insurance Law 3113, but this law is ambiguous! It states Administrator of Insurance Co has to be notified in Divorce to freeze Life Insurance, but it does not state WHOM it is that's supposed to contact the Adminstrator?!??????? So everyone points fingers!!!

SO WHEN DIVORCE ATTORNEYS DON'T CONTACT INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS, AND YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT DOING A "DIVORCE ATTORNEYS JOB", if the money is stolen, withdrawn, by a disgruntled spouse, there is NO safety net in place for us Domestic Violence Victims and Children!I

've spent $10,000 in a Civil Lawsuit against my divorce attorneys for not utilizing life insurance law 3113 (which is still too vague, I have to fight to change this!).

So I, myself, researched and found QDRO's (qualified Domestic relations Order), states div attorneys have to notify the Administrator of the Life Insurance Company and mine did NOT! This was their Fudiciary Responsibility!

So, IIhave to sue my Divorce Attorneys, out of pocket (even though a Domestic Violence case would be a FREE ATTORNEY?) So, I've had to fight this battle on my own!!!!


No Attorney would take case because it's a "conflict of interest"!!?? So I have spent $10,000 on raw gut Attorneys who took case for money but didn't even know QDRO or life insurance law 3113! Then the Attorneys Retainer says they the Attorney doesn't guarantee a WIN! So your money is basically stolen by Civil Lawsuit Attorneys! THIS IS CORRUPTION!!!

We need laws in place to protect our assets in Divorce.

We should have a Domestic Violence Financial Abuse relations Bill that protects us and it should be prefunded with FREE Domestic Violence Attorneys JUST LIKE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES ARE! I shouldn't have to pay $10,000! THIS IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FINANCIAL ABUSE!!!!!

Retaliation in a Divorce through Financial Abuse is very common! Why aren't we protected like someone in a physical Domestic Violence case? Why are victims of Domestic Violence protected by shelters, Attorneys etc yet Financial Abuse is forgotten?

Please help me protect spouses in a Divorce against FINANCIAL ABUSE retaliation! THIS IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALSO!!!







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