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Uphold the Indian Child Welfare Act

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In a recent story that aired in December 2011, it states that a little girl by the name of Veronica adopted by the Capobiano family of South Carolina was given back to her biological father who is a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma after years of fighting for her under the Indian Child Welfare Act. Our fight is to uphold the Indian Child Welfare Act as you have. I understand there is a petition for changing the ICWA and nearly 22,000 friends and family of the S. Carolina parents have signed this petition. Their not understanding that with every generation our Native American traditions and language deplete. We need to keep our Native children with our tribes. If the ICWA is changed the way this family wants it to be then it not only changes Veronica's life but all Native families. If something was to happen to myself or my husband then the change with effect my children who are tribal members of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. This will effect my nephew, neices, cousins, and soon grand kids. Please sign this in hopes that Congress will continue to keep the Indian Child Welfare Act the way in is to save our Native Children, our Native Traditions, and our Native Languages. Sign it because you strongly agree that we must save all Natives and sign it because you want this Cherokee father to have a chance at a happy life with his daughter.

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