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Create A New Gun Law

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Americans should have the right to bare arms and protect themselves, under the two conditions that

a. They agree to be responsible for every weapon they purchase and any and all crimes committed with such fire arm.

(This will inspire most gun owners to keep their firearms secured in a gun safe, which will curb half of the massacres that occur from kids STEALING the weapons from people they know who keep their weapons unsecured in their homes. This will curb massacres a lot quicker than banning automatic weapons. We need to hold gun owners accountable for their weapons. If someone wants to own a firearm then they are responsible for securing it where no intruder may have access to it.

Too many children are dying in this country from massacres where the kids are getting the firearms from their parent’s houses and/or friend's parent's houses. It's that or they know a relative who doesn't secure their weapon. The other half of the people going on killing rampages with firearms are mentally ill.)

Requires everyone in America to take and pass a psychiatric examination before being allowed to purchase any firearm.

This would most likely cut the gun ownership in America in half.

c. Issue TAX BREAKS for anyone who personalizes their firearm with a fingerprint trigger, making it so that no one but them can fire their weapon.
This would discourage potential theft and make it impossible for a thief to take said firearm and use it to harm others.

These are laws that allow people with sound judgment to bare arms and it inspires them to be responsible for those weapons they have the right to bare. If an American wants to bare arms they must be held responsible for the arms they bare and any crimes committed with that weapon.

These are the most pro-active and productive steps America could take in ending gun violence while ensuring that every American still has his or her rights. In the case that a person is diagnosed as clinically unstable or mentally disturbed, we cannot in good conscious allow such individuals to bare arms. This is not fair to our children and denies the simplest of all rights, the right to life and the pursuit of happiness.

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