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To amend the AWA to include Live stock and animals being tested on.

Between 14 and 17 million are used in exsperiments each year, many labs burn shock torture and starve animals without pain relief. about 50% of animals used in cosmetics die after three weeks of the exspeirement. On Factory Farms the beaks of poultry are "trimmed" off with a red hot gillatene blade to avoid cannibalism put on by stressed over crowded birds. Egg laying hens are some times starved for up to 14 days to shock their bodies into molting. 5-10% of egg laying hens die within the first forced molting. This horrible treatment can not go on thats why my friends Caitlin Patterson, Delany Winton and I are planning to send this petition to congress so they can amend the Animal Welfare Act to have it include Livestock and Purpose bred animals. Like our facebook page for more information. 

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