Tear Our Blood For Lyme Disease and coinfections! This will help everyone on bigger scale!

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I donated blood twice and one was a child. I know this because it was at a CHILDRENS hospital. It sickens me now that may have caused him to be more ill than he already was. It was a buddy program. The questionaire I filled out both times asked me if I had Lyme disease and I said no. How the heck would I know that? Didn’t even cross my mind to check no. Now, I’m like well if Lyme disease doesn’t exist, as one dr has told me, then why are you asking me if I have it?Then reason I’m signing this petition is because it is of great concern that this donated blood could be contaminated! It is a huge problem and only makes it harder to get up the hill regarding Lyme disease and coinfections. We are contaminating other individuals, patients!! This is just as important as aids, ect. This is why I’m petitioning. To help you see how it’s only hurting us worse and increasing more lyme patients! I am chronically ill with Lyme/cos going on 5 years. I can never spend time with my children and family. Even if I do, I’m in a wheel cheer, barely enjoying my time, and wishing I was at home in my warm bed. I watch my life pass me by. I personally don’t believe there is a cure, just remission if you can achieve that! I used to be a NICU RN and I loved my job caring for babies. Well, I ran out of leave and was let go understably. A piece of my soul, a piece of my heart and a piece of my identity was ripped away from me. When I go to my LLMD I have to pay almost $400 out of pocket. My insurance won’t pay for IV. I have like 7 antibiotics I have to take plus about 20 supplements a day. I have to have people drive me around even though I’ve been driving for over 25 years! I feel so dependent upon others! I recognize Cancer fully and respect it as my son had leukemia as a little boy. But Lyme we don’t lose our hair. We don’t really “look sick”, an invisible illness. If I put makeup on, people say “wow you look great” and I’m crying and cringing and screaming inside wishing to say I’m NOT ok! Take a walk through my kithen and see my pharmacy! Spend a day with me, with makeup, you’ll quickly understand! And I know it’s not their fault! “You don’t get it until you get it”. So please I beg you help us! Please! We cannot be ignored any longer! People are dying! Thank you for listening and God bless you!