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Legalize Public Nudity

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Arguments for it:

Basically we were born nude..Even people of far right Christian beliefs should admit that the Bible claims there was a real Adam and Eve and before they ate the fruit, they weren't "naked" only until after they ate it...Then, God supposedly wasn't a nice God and he wiped out most of humanity, despite their being human...

Who cares if your children see it?? Within this world that's messed up already, they'll have to learn to accept it one way or another..And maybe they can appreciate being nude in their family as well...However, this isn't to encourage child molesters or pedophiles...They could go to nudist beaches only unless they change their sexual urges to a more normal behaviors...

Who cares if you are offended?? This is not your right to judge people different than you..This is America and America was founded on three basic values: Life, Liberty (Freedom) and the Pursuit of Happiness (Trying to Obtain Money or Trying To Change Social Norms For The Better And Being Happy With The Outcome, If Positive). If you don't want to see it, look away and if you think your children don't want to see it, then distract them with a toy or something and refuse to make any complaints to the police about it..

If we are put on this Earth in a body, why should be cover it up?? Of course when it's cold or bad weather occurs, you have an option of wearing any clothing or not, but for these, I'd suggest clothing so you don't catch a cold...But for sunny or otherwise normal days, nudity should be accepted socially! :)

Also, cavemen had only what looked like diapers for clothes and nothing else because that kind of technology didn't exist yet...Of course with the evolution of humanity could that even be the slightest possible..

So I can see the reasons anyone could be against it, but I'm saying why can't you just accept others in any lifestyle they want to live as long as they aren't physically hurting anybody?

This would also cause perfection in oneself so that society would be less superficial of how you look...This would work wonders because society is definitely too judgmental of how others look...This has to End, right now! :)

So if you agree with me, please support this bold cause..If you disagree, please don't harbor hatred and discrimination towards me or others in full support of legalization but just be polite and kind in doing so. Ok? :)

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