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Stop Verizon from cutting lifeline for rural areas...CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

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Verizon is cutting service to rural areas in 13 states.  Last week they told customers in Montana, Iowa, Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota and other states that they had until October 17 to find new service or lose their phone numbers as well as their service.  I have been with Verizon since before they were Verizon.  I have 5 lines and each of them pays into a fund to help pay for rural access.  

This article from a rural state explains their plight especially with rural emergency services and businesses.

What happens when Verizon customers from California, New York or other states venture into these 13 states...will they not have any service, will the charges for roaming that went away years ago come back?

Contact your Senators and Representative and tell them to not only keep the data flowing that Verizon wants to throttle (Net Neutrality) but to stop them from cutting this vital lifeline to thousands of Americans.  

If these greedy cell companies continue to treat the customers badly the sale of ham radios and CBs might just grow again.

Verizon you say you have the largest network... NOT FOR LONG...  STOP THIS NEW GRAB FOR OUR MONEY...CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?


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