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I am asking everyone to sign my petition to stop the removal of confederate and Yankee statutes. This is this country's history and heritage. I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to have to go to a museum to see this country's history. It's wrong and I want my kids to see ower history and heritage as it was. I'm not only concerned about the taking down of the confederate statutes but the Yankee statutes as well as they will be next. Because the Yankee statutes will in time if not already resemble racism and slavery they are not the topic in this country as of now but I fear soon will be. I am also concerned that the battle fields that this war was fought on will be the next target and so on and so forth. So if we the people of the United states do not fight to protect the history and heritage of this country it will soon be lost. So please join me and sign my petition and let's make OWER stand now for once and for all. So I call app on congress to make a new law that will put confederate statutes back where they have stood for centuries. And to protect not only confederate statutes but Yankee statutes in the future. And write a new law that forbids ANY removal of civil war statutes of any kind. Make the confederate and Yankee statutes national monuments in witch can NEVER be harmed in any way. And in such law make it a felony to remove or dismember any civil war statute 

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