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Stop the Extremist Attacks on Women’s Health

Across America, from Texas to Wisconsin to North Dakota, Arkansas to Ohio, and now North Carolina, it’s happening. Increasingly restrictive abortion bans. Unnecessary regulations disguised as safety measures that are really designed to close clinics. Extremist politicians doing everything they can to undermine women’s access to reproductive health services.  

Around the country, lawmakers are passing legislation that:
• Bans abortions after 20 weeks, 12 weeks or even 6 weeks
• Requires abortion clinics to adhere to clinical requirements of surgical facilities, even though it’s medically unnecessary
• Forces health care providers to choose between following the law and doing what is best for their patients

This agenda includes some of the most harmful legislation we have seen in decades.
We can’t go back in time on women’s health. It’s time we all said ENOUGH!

That’s why we need your help. Sign this pledge to defend women’s access to the full range of reproductive health services.

We can put a stop to the extremist agenda. We can stop the war on women. 

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