Congress: Stop Gerrymandering. Create fair voting districts and reclaim our democracy.

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Gerrymander has led us to highly unbalanced voting districts resulting in a diminishing of the voice of the people.  A core requirement of a true democracy.  The act of gerrymandering attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party and is by definition not bi-partisan nor democratic.  A true democracy cannot survive while gerrymandering is allowed to exist.  The result continues to lead to an unbalanced representation of the people in all elected positions across the country, both local and federal and a divided country.  

Create a constitutional amendment to stop gerrymandering. Create districts for the election of Representatives in Congress, to ensure that: no plan for the apportionment of Representatives among individual districts, or any individual district established under such plan, is drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a political party or an incumbent; districts shall not be drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal opportunity of racial or language minorities to participate in the political process or to diminish their ability to elect Representatives of their choice; and districts shall consist of contiguous territory. Districts shall be as nearly equal in population as is practicable, shall be compact, and shall utilize existing political and geographical boundaries where feasible.

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