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Stop Congressional Cannibalization

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June 7, 2013, 5:30 PM Eastern USA time:
Congress is only as strong as its weakest link -
and right now that weakest link is communication.
The Obama Administration is in the process of losing
the trust not only of the American people, but losing the
support of a press corps and liberal media which had been
very sycophantic - until they found out that the Administration
was selling their First Amendment rights down the river. Now
the honeymoon is over, and the American people are frustrated
at the lies from Government.
Confidence in Congress is at an all time low, and the same
can be said of American courts.
All branches and levels and layers of Government
have been festering in incompetent inertia, behind
their ridiculously excessive security blanket - an
overprotective barrier which creates in the minds
of all Government officials a division in which they
are better than everyone else, in which they are
the "experts" who "know it all" as opposed to the
inexpert and unknowing people whose duty it is to
follow - and in which advice from We, the people
of the United States in order to build a more
perfect Union is regarded as an inconvenience,
a threat, and something to be bottled up or
ignored - and when repeatedly offered in the
face of repeated mishandling of urgent and
timely requests for proper action, the advice
of we, the people is now regarded as some
kind of terror threat at a level which suits only
the purpose of further inertia, inaction and
dangerous drift toward the shoals of disaster
by those who are the captains of the positions
of public trust. Those whose duty it is to advise
officials in positions of public trust in the United
States today no longer advise - instead they
insulate, they misinform, and they offer the
most self-serving drivel in place of - and in
the guise of - the good advice they are
trusted to provide.
On occasion, those whose duty it is to advise
Government officials are able to recognize a good
idea coming from the direction of the despised
public. The standard practice is to cannibalize the
good idea, and to separate it from its source. This
is the least intelligent way for Government officials
to handle a good idea. It is exactly like an assistant
taking an olive and placing it in the hand of an elected
official; and saying "Look what I found, here!" and the
elected official saying, "Hey, thanks" before laying the
olive on the desk, from where it rolls right into the
trashcan. An intelligent way of handling the olive would
be for the advisor to say to the official: "Look - this is
of very good quality, and I have to show you where the
olive tree is, which is the source of this olive." The better way 
is described in the song from Kismet: "A fool....sat beneath
the olive tree....and a wondrous thought had he.... and so
he went to sleep." (That is what our Government has been
doing now.) Then: "Why be content with an olive, when you
could have the tree.... that which has lulled you to sleep, Fool,
has awakened me. Why be content that my lot is my lot,
and I can't make it anything more , when this a lie...
an excuse for a fool to snore!" (Again, who does that
portray in America today? The last Government official
who lost an opportunity to do something right, perhaps?)
When an American brings to any member of Congress an
urgent plea for help, that urgent plea must never be discarded
in the buck-passing style. "Oh, go find an attorney," .... is
the same thing as telling an American "Oh, go jump off a cliff,"
when the person given such advice has already been drained
dry by the legal system, and deprived of all Constitutional
rights. It is the job of Congress to preserve, protect and defend
the Constitution.
The President and all 542 members of Congress (which
include the Vice President and the delegates from the
Territories, including Washington DC) are sworn by a
sacred Oath, and under a secular penalty of perjury,
to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the
United States. Every employee in every Office of Congress
and in the Office of the President should likewise be
sworn to the same standard of Constitutional adherence.
Whenever a plea for assistance is brought before any
member of Congress; no matter what that plea might
be, it should be triaged. Is it time-value or not? Is it a
hardship caused by any Government failure to preserve,
protect and defend the Constitution with respect to the
rights of that specific individual, or not? If the answer to
both questions is "yes", and the particular Senators or
district Representative in Congress who have jurisdiction
in the place where that citizen or foreign nationa lives
or has lived, cannot handle the matter right away, the
plea for assistance should be forwarded to the offices of
all other 541 members of Congress. All the people in all
the offices of Congress are very talented, and they all have
connections with diverse legal resources. The Oath of
Office is not divisible by State line or Congressional
District boundary; rather, it is - as the Pledge to the Flag
states: "indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." By
harnessing today's powerful technology to help people
in the United States, rather than to spy on and bully
and intimidate a people who are, by right, a free people;
Congress can operate 293,222 times more efficiently
than they do today (that's 542 x 541). Instead of you
taking your urgent plea for assistance to one member
of Congress who can't handle your request; or to a
Senator who is running for re-election; or to another
Senator who is just too busy and too important for you;
your urgent request goes into a computerized system
wherein it is matched to those experts in Congress
best suited and best able to handle it, whether they
represent your district or State in Congress, or not.
We are Americans. When there is an emergency
anywhere else in the world, we help. Why should we
tolerate for one more minute a Congress that replies
to requests originating from outside the State or district
of a member of Congress, "I'm sorry, we can't help you
with that due to Congressional Courtesy rules." What
kind of courtesy is that?
Often, staffers on Capitol Hill or in a home
district or home State office will field requests for
jobs in Government. "Oh, can I work in a Congressional
office? Can I become a page?"...etc." These
requests are primarily from people who are looking for
a career path, and have had no real-world experience,
and they are the most likely to be hired by sympathetic
Capitol Hill employees or elected officials in the offices
of Congress. The second most likely to be hired in any
such capacity are the "best qualified" and "most well
educated" people straight out of law school or fresh from
a law firm. Another "most likely to be hired" in Washington
is someone from a temporary employment agency - and
they may be hired to work for Congress, for the White House
or for one of the many diplomatic staff positions in
Washington. Another source for staffers is the people
who have worked in Government agencies.
There is a certain "pool" of applicants and
job-seekers typical of all public-sector jobs in Washington.
If you are not in that pool, you will not be hired and you
will have no influence or traction within Government.
Unfortunately, that pool is very stagnant, which is why
our Government seems to have bubble-gum in its
ears. Moreover, in real life, people who have the
advantages of wisdom and experience and talent
are favored for positions of trust. In Washington,
they don't want you if you are "old." They only want
the "best and the brightest" (translation: those without
experience, those without the bumps and bruises that
would give them the insight to know what citizens are
talking about when they contact Washington for help,
just the fresh faces who would look the best in a televised
press conferenece, only the shiny, happy people - those
most likely to pass the security clearances - and those
least likely to be able to do anything at all to help!)
We have an infotainment Government today which
"thinks emotionally" rather than rationally, and which
has forgotten the very Constitution which is the foundation
of our Government, and has held in contempt the very
people who are at once the source of its power as well
as the only proper direction and shaper of its purpose.
Our Government constructs dossiers and files on
Americans and foreign nationals today, based on only
ONE THING: the "level of security threat" each individual
presents to the Government. Therefore the more exasperating
and incompetent the handling of any citizen's request, the
more likely a citizen is to be placed high on a terror watch
list - which means that the War on Terror has culminated
in a cannibalistic Government-employee defeat of the same
American people who they are plundering and spying on
under the guise of hyperprotection.
The RIGHT WAY for Congress and White House staffers
to handle the complaints and helpful ideas of citizens and
foreign nationals helping the USA, is to always identify the
person providing the complaint and/or good idea first, with
contact information - and never discard that contact information
or disassociate it from the idea itself. In that way, if good
ideas start working their way around Washington, people will
begin to notice: "Hey, that Johnny Jones really has been
coming up with some good ideas lately. He would be IDEAL
for a position in the Office of Management and Budget,
or the EPA, or the National Security Council." What is
unfortunate is that the person most likely to be hired as a
new team member in the National Security Council is a
political crony of the President, who thinks exactly like
he does, and who never had any good ideas to
contribute to begin with - and who is good only at being
a recipient of political favoritism, and ensuring that those
who are not politically favored are kept out of the loop by
all means necessary.
If we had the same type of Government methods in 1776
as we do now, the Redcoats would be running the country
and the luminaries of the American Revolution - Thomas Paine,
George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,
John Jay, and the signers of the Declaration of Independence
would all be placed in chains in a dungeon somewhere - and
Mount Vernon and Monticello would be on the auction block
to scrap dealers ready to cannibalize these architectural
treasures - because after all, America must always be
protected from security threats - and to hell with
troublemakers. We don't need them.
Actually, what We, the people really don't need is
a know-it-all, hypersecurity Government that
flies by the seat of media driven issues of the moment,
and is collapsing in on itself.
The people who are in positions of public trust in
Government are, for the most part, not bad people.
They are a cross-section of the American people who
may look like America (although a little shinier and happier)
but they don't THINK like America. They are entrapped in
an "us and them" mentality of groupthink which is a result of
an outdated bureaucratic formula of Government. Ironically,
it isn't our 226-year old Constitution that is obsolete, but
rather our much newer and "more modern" way of doing
things, and the "improvements" on the Constitution which
are the disastrous "New Coke" formula of Government.
We seem to have arrived at the time predicted by the ancient
sage Nostradamus, who spoke of "half-open war between the
bureaus and the grays".
We have today a President who is loathed by over one-third
of the American people - not because of party, race or personal
experience; but because the very people who have been entrusted
to connect the President to the people, have instead used their own
petty authority to distance and separate the President from reality and
from the will of the people, to a dangerous extent unprecedented in
the entire history of the United States. The danger presented to the
American people and to foreign nationals who are lawfully in the
United States and places under its jurisdiction, amounts to a
wholesale destruction of all the rights enshrined in our
We, the people of the United States, in order to form a
more perfect Union, therefore resolve by the above list
of wherefores, to stop the cannibalization of good ideas
and the cannibalization of people who provide good
and timely advice to Government - a cannibalization which
not only takes place in the context of most citizen
contacts with Congressional staffers, no matter how
hard they try to do their jobs (and these are not people
who go to Washington with the intent to obstruct the
people's business and they all wish there were a way
to handle citizen-government communications that is
better than the mutual exasperation of recent years)
but which also takes place everywhere in Government.
The only Government agency which can stop this
mutual exasperation is Congress itself.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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