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Congress & State Legislators: Ban dirty, dangerous natural gas from schools & municipal buildings

Every year people die in natural gas explosions. Every year a pipeline leaks contaminating our land and water. Every year our air is polluted by extreme extraction.

We need to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Let's start here, insist our tax dollars be spent to retrofit all schools and municipal buildings to 100% renewable energy, no fossil fuels in schools!

It is our money, tell lawmakers, mandate renewable energy now!

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We the undersigned request an immediate plan to begin removal of the dangerous and toxic substance natural gas from our schools and to retrofit all schools and municipal buildings with 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and geothermal.

Our tax dollars need to be invested in energy that is truly clean and safe. We will no longer permit the use of our tax dollars in support of an industry that operates outside of basic safety regulation.