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Pass the Fair Hearings Amendment

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June 28, 2013, 4:24 AM Eastern US time
Many State Supreme Courts in the United States;
and the Supreme Court of the United States itself,
have dismissed cases of merit, including appeals
on behalf of victims of injustices which are as plain
as day. These honorable Courts have also placed
roadblocks in front of people which have resulted
in further injustices. Some of these are financial roadblocks. 
Therefore we, the undersigned, propose the following
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
Section One
All matters regarding criminal proceedings,
civil hearings, or family court matters,
which have been appealed to any State or
Territorial Supreme Court under the jurisdiction of the
United States, or to the Supreme Court of the United
States or any Justice thereon, or in any intelligible way
to the Clerks serving same; in all instances whenever any
such appeal has been denied due process or fair hearing;
or has been dismissed without a reason rendered or any 
written opinion expressed: all such appeals shall be considered
active and of full legal effect until such time as the appeals
are either affirmed or denied on the basis of a judicially
cogent reason expressed in relation to a full understanding of the
relevant context of the case, or until the sentences or judgments
are commuted and expunged or waived, or until a full Executive
pardon and reprieve shall have been granted to the satisfaction
of the appellant named in any such appeal or legal matter.
Section Two:
All such appeals shall, upon listing or upon petition to
the President or his agencies, be recommended for
the fullest possible Presidential pardon and reprieve
regardless of whether any particular matter has originated
within Federal or State jurisdiction, whenever there has
existed any conflict of interest at the State level with respect
to the issue of an executive pardon and reprieve at
the State level; or whenever averred under oath by licensed Counsel
that Government at any level has violated the Constitution.
Such Executive pardoning issues shall be considered to be
a mandated issue with respect to the Oath of Office.
Section Three:
Congress and the President, as well as the Governors
of the States and Territories, shall have power to grant
emergency disaster assistance without prejudice
to all persons and parties affected by the conditions
enumerated in this Amendment; whenever it can be
reasonably averred that defamation under color of
authority has harmfully occurred as a result of any
Constitutional violation sworn by licensed counsel to
have been committed by officials in positions of public trust  
under the jurisdiction of the United States.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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