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Congress: Show Your Support for Wind Energy!


Congress continues to delay renewing the Production Tax Credit, an important financing provision for wind energy. Every day of stalling means more American jobs are in jeopardy. Already, wind-turbine orders for next year are drying up, creating a crisis where layoffs are imminent.

Right now, Congress is sitting on a gold mine of clean-energy jobs, but to them partisan politics is more important. You can bet that Big Coal and Big Oil have plenty of allies in Congress, but when it comes time to invest in wind energy, the door is being shut. It's up to you to help open that door again.

Tell Congress to support extending the Production Tax Credit, ensuring a job-creating industry continues to grow.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
I am disappointed that important financing provisions like the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for onshore wind have not yet been renewed.

By failing to act, Congress is holding the fate of thousands of jobs in the clean energy industry in its hands. Already, this lack of commitment has caused orders for new wind turbines to dry up and has created a crisis where layoffs are imminent. We cannot afford to lose more jobs, especially in new industries that will help our nation compete in the future.

No matter your political party, jobs creation is a critical issue. Please make renewing the Production Tax Credit and making way for clean energy jobs a top priority.

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