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Show congress we need net neutrality. Now.

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Repealing net neutrality benefits no person or group of people except for the corporations that will make a profit off of the loss of the internet as a free and equal access utility for the public. Net neutrality provides everyone with access to the internet without providers controlling what an individual decides to see or what website they visit. It provides an opportunity for equal education, freedom of choice, and benefits all people from those trying to escape domestic violence, to up and coming artists and businesses through advertising. Unfortunately the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, failed our people the day it voted to repeal net neutrality. This act goes against the general will of the people and the idea of popular sovereignty that our country is built upon. It goes against the idea of representative government as well because our people's will is not truly being represented. Show congress you care about your freedom with your signature. Act now before it's too late.

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