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Reaffirm TECRO/Taiwan Relations Act

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The integrity of the United States is vital to a number of important issues,
ranging from the value of the dollar to the coherence of our defense
arrangements all over the world. Integrity in Government means that
Government lives up to its word of honor. The FIRST priority in
Government living up to their word of honor in the United States,
at all levels of Government, is that all officeholders who are
sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution -
and all of their staffers too - MUST ACTUALLY DO SO.
China, which closely observes the behavior of American
public officials (so closely, in fact, that China often reaches
the level of stalking and bribing people of political importance
in the USA) must be laughing up its sleeve these days at the
idea that American government has any integrity at all left.
Accordingly Taiwan 台灣 - a vital ally of the United States - is 

in danger, whether our news infotainment industry
informs us of this fact or not. If China were to be
tempted by our recent show of weakness to attempt
any violent invasion of Taiwan, this would be a disaster
of cataclysmic proportions and the end of America's
presence in the Pacific. The credibility of all of our
alliances would be gone. Our Pacific territories would
be in jeopardy of further losses (after the pulling down
of the US flag in the Philippines, the Anami Islands,
Iwo Jima and the Bonin Islands, Okinawa and the
Ryukyu Islands including the Senkaku Islands which
were administered by the United States as part
of Japan after World War Two - and now China is
bullheadedly making a big grab for them too - in
fact, the history of the Pacific since 1946 has been
a history of American reversals from the Philippines
to the Panama Canal).
A resolution by Congress that Congress REAFFIRMS
THE TAIWAN RELATIONS ACT of the late 1970s
would be a strong signal to China and to all our other
allies that America DOES live by its word and does not
forget its promises.
But this resolution would be meaningless without
pairing it with the resolve to maintain our Constitution
at home too. Accordingly, the Congressional resolution
paired with a resolution to inform President Obama that
it is time for the President to grant the 52-part Pardon and
Reprieve in the form it was submitted to the office of
the Hon. US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz
in December 2012; to appoint exonerated Governor Don
Siegelman as the chief administrator of the US Office
of the Pardon Attorney; and to appoint Judge Andrew
Napolitano or Dean John Farmer, Jr or some other suitable
individual as Attorney General of the United States,
in order to reaffirm the Constitution of the United States too.
Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont PA 19028-0877 USA
12:51 PM Eastern Time, February 16, 2013

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