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Pass "The Right to Work" Bill for all Transgender/Transsexual People!

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Transgender/Transsexual/Gender Variant people comprise the highest percentage of unemployment in the USA. Our unemployment rate is over double that of the general population. A vast majority of us live below the poverty level (~$10,400.00/year). We are denied employment opportunities solely because of what we are . . . as opposed to who we are! Many of us have college degrees and/or advanced degrees. Yet, our unemployment rate remains double that of college educated heterosexuals. And remember, "A society will be judged by how well it treats its' weakest members. "The Right to Work" is every American's God given right! Please take the time to read my full post on the subject; and if you agree with its' content . . . then write your Congressmen/Congresswomen, Senators, President, and Media, and ask them to pass a bill that will give Transgendered/Transsexual people "The Right to Work"!

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