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Congress, Senate: Enact reasonable and sound gun control laws that protect and save lives.


It is imperative that people of faith let our voices be heard loud and clear in the US House of Representatives and the Senate.  Our President has stood up today and asked our leaders in Congress to pass more stingent gun control laws.  Let us also stand up and add our names to this petition to pass reasonable  gun control laws that will provide a safer America for all.

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Congress, Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
"For every human problem there is a solution that is neat, simple and wrong." (H.L. Menken). Solutions to gun violence in our county are neither neat nor simple. They are very complex. And events surrounding them are emotional. In our country both our coinage and our national consensus proudly proclaim: “In God we trust”. But we also subscribe to a creed of private rights and suspicious individualism that not so subtly suggests: “In Guns we trust”.

That quandary--of where we really place our trust--is backdrop for the vexing problem which today confronts us as a nation and a solution for which genuine, enlightened leadership is desperately needed.

Even a cursory reading of the signs of the times makes clear that the majority of Americans recognize our societal structures to be too fragile to support unfettered access to guns. A way forward will, it seems, require putting citizenship ahead of partisanship. We are citizens only because we were born into and are part of a community.

Indeed, it is a most important, even if most often neglected dimension of the Christian message that individual rights cannot be allowed to trump sound social policy.

A culture in crisis because of fear, violence, and death--a culture of darkness, not without support from powerful vested interests, or a culture that nurtures our better side with its offer of hope, security, and life--a culture of light to which the vast majority of ordinary citizens aspire---not much of a choice. We urge you to act reasonably and lead responsibly.

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